No it isn’t as the formula has already been enriched with Vegetal Protein Complex.
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Lisaplex™ Filter Color is designed for level 3 to level 10 tones.

No, Lisaplex™ Filter Color is not designed for this purpose and does not cover white hair. It can only produce slight tints.
Yes, it is possible to blend the shades together to create new tints, remembering to dilute 1:1 with Lisap Developer.
Between four and six shampoos depending on the structure and porosity of the hair.
The recommended waiting time varies from 3 to 20 minutes, depending on the desired intensity of the tint and the porosity of the hair.
Stick to the waiting time to avoid any undesired effects.
No, it is not advisable to use a Developer above 20 Volume because the results aren’t guaranteed.
Developer 10 Vol leaves a greater deposit, lightening by up to half a tone, while Developer 20 Vol has greater lightening power.
No it isn’t as the colouring cream-Developer blend does not stain the scalp.
Yes. Both.
Applying it to dry hair produces more obvious results.
It isn’t necessary to blend them together as the products are designed to produce different results.
No, it is not advisable to blend the two products as Lisaplex™ Filter Color has already been calibrated to achieve the effects shown in the colour chart. As it has a different objective, Lisap Splasher may alter the results.
No, this isn’t advised. They are two different formulas with different blends.
Lisaplex™ Filter Color Metallic Gloss has a 1:1 blending ratio and imparts shine, harmonising base and end contrasts with a subtle lightening action.
Lisaplex™ Pastel Color Cloudy Cream has a 1:2 blending ratio and does not have any lightening power on the hair.
It is advisable to wait for at least 1 week after these services in order to let the hair rest, taking into account that we are working on more porous hair.
In this case, it is advisable to apply Lisap Absolute Spray or Lisap Escalation Professional Spray Esaltatore di Colore before Lisaplex™ Filter Color in order to rebalance the porosity of the hair.
He recommend the most suitable Lisap solution for treated and coloured hair according to the structure of the customer’s hair.
Without Lisaplex™ Filter Color you would have to lighten and tone the hair, and then carry out a reconstruction. In this case toners are more intense than pigment and the same results and filter effect typical of this service are not guaranteed.