No, the results would change, diminishing the performance level of the product and the final effect.
Four to six shampoos. The duration also varies according to hair type and structure.
Yes, you can mix the shades of Lisaplex™ Pastel Color together. It is advisable to stick to the hair colouring rules to personalise the effect.

Lisaplex™ Pastel Color is not a colourant designed to cover white hair but it could obviously stain it.
It is advisable to use it on dry hair for better hold.
We cannot guarantee the results if a hydrogen peroxide of a different volume to Lisaplex™ Pastel Color Activator 8.5 vol. is used.
No, it is not necessary. The important thing is that the decolourant used attains the desired level of lightening. We recommend using the Bleach&Light Pro Tech decolourant.