New semi-permanent pastel-effect colour, completely Ammonia Free. It is enriched with Organic Protein Complex.

New semi-permanent pastel-effect colour, particularly suitable for lightened or decoloured hair with a hair colour level of 9/10.


Lisaplex™ Pastel Color  is available in 8 shades.
The variation in processing time and the combination of colors with neutral nuance allows you to obtain a color with different intensity and custom.

LISAPLEX™ PASTEL COLOR ACTIVATOR 8.5 VOLUME. Delicate hydrogen peroxide cream combined with Lisaplex™ Pastel Color for a safe and respectful application.
Surely we should quote the ideal bases as 9/0 or 10/0 if you use it on very light bleached hair it washes out almost immediately.


Added to the Lisaplex™ Pastel Color shades, it makes it possible to dilute the intensity of the shades and to give your colour creations and experiments an even more personal touch.