Direct coloring means that the product can color hair directly and does not need to be mixed with a developer. It nourishes, reinforces, conditions and softens, enhancing the color and improving the structure of your hair.
From 10 to 20 minutes depending on how intense you want the color to be. The color lasts longer if you increase the leave-in time.
Apply directly on dry or towel-dried hair using a brush and bowl or free-hand.
The duration and intensity of the color vary depending on the type of hair.
e.g. if it is too porous, damaged, cosmetically treated or mistreated, then the duration will be less than 8 washes. On healthy hair, however, in the best condition, it will last for more than 8 washes.
Spa, swimming pool and sea water or straighteners on a high setting could make the color fade more easily.
Yes, you can mix Lisaplex™ Xtreme Colors together.
No, Lisaplex™ Xtreme Color doesn’t cover white hair.
15 ml of Linfa Schiarente + 1 sachet of Linfa Booster 25 g +10/15 ml Developer at 5 or 10 volumes depending on the advice of your hair colorist. Add 5 ml of Lisaplex™ Bond Saver to care for the hair structure.
Apply this mixture only on the hair where the Lisaplex™ Xtreme Color needs to be removed.
The hardest colors to remove are Blue and Green. The colors that have an average resistance to removal are Red, Purple, Pink, Orange and Yellow.

The two products are not the same and fulfil different requirements:
Splasher is an oxidative coloring product which is used to tone, intensify, re-pigment and obtain a neutralising colour effect. Splasher can be mixed with all the other Lisap oxidative coloring products.

Lisaplex™ Xtreme Color is a direct color with an acid pH which does not have to be mixed with a developer or oxidative coloring products.