An ingredient in Lisaplex™ provides the total answer for:

Decolouration Services

Added after the Decolourant has been mixed with Cream Developer, Lisaplex™ preserves the hair structure without affecting the lightening process, countering the action of persulfates to the hair structure. It is not necessary to change any application methods or the type or brand of decolourant.


Added after the Colouring Cream has been mixed with Cream Developer,
Lisaplex™ improves the structure of the hair leaving it radiant, it’s shine is enhanced and colour results will often be longer lasting.


In combination with Lisap Easy Build [To] 2, Ricostruttore Polimerico, Lisaplex™ provides a Reconstruction Booster action on frizzy, thick, untamed hair, and hair lacking in structure. It protects, strengthens and reconstructs the hair fibres and also creates new internal bonds.

Used on it’s own Lisaplex™ gives body, volume and thickness to all types of hair, leaving it shiny, full of body and firm without weighing it down.


Perms and Straightening

After treatment, when used on it’s own Lisaplex™ helps to rebuild the hair’s disulphide bonds. The result is radiant, shiny and strong hair.