The Organic Protein Complex is the key ingredient on which Lisaplex™ technology is founded. It ensures cosmetic appeal, protection and reconstruction, as well as improving hair volume and thickness.
Based on natural proteins, it acts on the elastic properties, flexion and abrasions of the cuticle.

ORGANIC PROTEIN COMPLEX acts on two different levels:

the hair structure to:

  • Connector.

    Treble the strength of damaged hair, restoring natural anti-breakage elements;

  • Connector.

    Strengthen hair so it can withstand damage from combs, hairdryers and brushes;

  • Connector.

    Protect hair also in conditions of extreme humidity.

of the hair, acting at a cosmetic level to:

  • Connector.

    Strengthen and lubricate the surface of the hair

  • Connector.

    Reduce damage caused by aggressive chemical treatments, environmental stress and styling services.

LISAPLEX™ is completely free of

Free of

Parabens perform an important preservative role in the product. Although it can be used in the cosmetic field, Lisaplex™ was formulated with next-generation preservatives to ensure greater levels of protection for our customers.

Free of

There are no surfactants from the Sulphate family, ensuring a greener and more delicate approach to our consumers.

Free of

Formaldehyde, known for its harmful effects on human health, is not contained in our formula.


Lisaplex™* has undergone numerous rigorous Skin Patch Tests by an external body to guarantee that Lisaplex™ is safe for human skin. This underlines our constant commitment to hair stylists and to their clients.

* Only Lisaplex™ Hair Structure Filler underwent Patch Tests.